“I love it when role plays morph into real plays. It quickly becomes a process that reaches those parts of us few other methods can touch. We home in on what’s happening at the deepest level – be it for a junior manager or a CEO. It takes us to the heart of the matter.”


Andy has extensive experience as a film, TV and stage actor and voice over artist and has worked for more than 20 years for corporates as well as charities, Government and the Army to support their training and coaching projects. He is also an experienced presenter in all media and has had commissions writing for radio, theatre and the corporate sector.

Training experience 

Andy has been involved in management training programmes working with clients across all hierarchy levels.

He has a track record of immersing himself in often highly complex contexts and subject matters ranging from accounting through to policy making, from sales techniques to trauma support.

He has led seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions in presence and impact development, client management and leadership training. 


While maintaining a successful career as an actor, Andy began working with the corporate sector in 1997. His first engagement was as compère to NAPP Pharmaceuticals’ International Conference in Rome and for The Motivation Business before moving into sales and marketing training for NAPP.

In the last 20 years he has supported the roll-out of a comprehensive learning programme with PwC both for the UK and the East European Market and has worked on numerous other training projects including Mercer, BBC, Oracle, Adullam Housing, FCA (formerly Office of Fair Trading), Saga, Sahara Chemicals and Cancer Research UK.

Andy also writes and performs bespoke entertainment material with a cutting edge pertinent to the specific challenges of the client; in this he invariaby collaborates with Justin Butcher with whom he co-founded Harrison Butcher Productions.

Recent work

Andy has an ongoing contract with The Army training in pastoral and listening skills as well as leadership training; he is currently working with Waverley Learning in training sessions for Mercer Investment and continues in his career as actor, writer, presenter and voice over artist. His current solo show Mr Darwin’s Tree by Murray Watts will embark on its 4th US tour in 2019.

“You were superb! Thank you for thinking through the parallels between the Arts and the leadership challenges we both face. Not only did you entertain you managed to stimulate our thinking and encouraged us to look beyond ourselves.”

Rev. David Coulter CB, OStJ, QHC, Chaplain General of the Army after leadership training day at Army HQ