“My approach is always to build the capability of leaders and managers so that they can take responsibility for their own (and their people’s) learning and development, rather than needing to rely upon ‘experts’ (whether internal or external)”




Formerly the Global Head of Executive Development for G4S plc, Mike has designed and facilitated a wide range of highly effective and influential leadership initiatives within G4S, most notably the G4S ‘Global Leadership Programme’, for the Group’s carefully-identified ‘high-potential’ population.  Throughout his career in learning and development with Securicor and G4S Mike has pioneered the use of practical (and often relatively inexpensive) approaches to improve the organisation's capability and performance – e.g.: 

 ‘Executive learning sets’ as a means of encouraging knowledge-sharing and collaboration across previously ‘hostile’ organisational boundaries.

 A structured process to encourage reflection and deep dialogue between senior executives as a means of diagnosing development needs – this is now the accepted ‘standard’ worldwide at the most senior levels in the organisation.

Coaching experience

The independent work that Mike does is about raising people’s value, helping them to recognise and use their gifts and talents, and developing their ability to appreciate fully whatever is going on around them.  He tries constantly to stir up people’s thinking (and feeling), to gently provoke them to learn new ways of delivering improved performance.  His approach is also about exposing people to new ideas, concepts, situations and ways of being so that they broaden their terms of reference and (crucially) the range of options open to them in real-life situations.


Outright winner of the ‘Best Executive Development Programme’ category at the HR Excellence Awards in 2006, and a short-listed finalist in the "Global Achievement" category at the CBI "Human Capital Awards 2006" and the ‘International Award’ category at the HR Excellence Awards in 2007.

"Here's the difference with Mike. His ability to listen carefully before 'advising' is the key to his success. Mike takes great pains to fully understand 'your issue' and the context in which you are working.

He will not offer guidance until it is clear that he fully understands the challenge. He has no 'one-size-fits-all' solution - he recognises that only through the ‘up-front’ investment in time and energy can he be sufficiently informed to then craft a solution – and a solution that addresses your unique challenge. Customer centricity - it works."

Gregg Scott, Director  Ashton Scott Consulting