In these extraordinary times, with all of us having to make radical changes in how we work and live, we want to be able to continue to support our clients, friends and colleagues at Waverley in the way we know best - holding space; for people to connect in deeper and more fruitful ways – to themselves and to each other.


To this end we have decided to offer a series of weekly live online meetings - ‘Space on Wednesday’ (Wedspace)  – a mix of reflection and conversation in which we would love you to join us. Our proposal is to start with the following, which may evolve as things develop.


  • Finding Stillness - Wednesday mornings at 8.30am

A 30 minute live guided grounding meditation for those of us now working from home to help us enter our day on a purposeful, peaceful footing.

Weekly at 8.30am. Beginning Weds 1st April. Click to join (Zoom meeting i.d. 696636902)


  • Maintaining my practice – Alternative fortnights on Wednesdays from 5-6pm

A 20 minute guided meditation followed by reflection and sharing of insights in how we are sustaining a personal renewal practice that helps us keep perspective and nourish our own energy during these times

Fortnightly at 5pm, with the next being 13th May. Click to join (Zoom meeting i.d. 387582463)


  • Topical exchange, beginning with the topic of “The need for resilience”- alternative fortnights again from 5-6pm.

A hosted conversation, prompted by a short 5-10 minute input, to allow us to explore specific themes of particular relevance to us as leaders in these times.

Fortnightly at 5pm with the next being 6th May.  Click to join (Zoom meeting i.d. 387582463)


A bit more detail….


Maintaining my Practice

Those of you who have been on our programmes or in coaching with us will know the importance we place on personal grounding and presencing – and how helpful it can be to do this in a supportive small group atmosphere. We find this works just as powerfully virtually, so we very much hope you will be able to join us for the meditations. Our sense is, with the temporary increase in isolation we are all experiencing, that there has never been a better time to connect with your ‘inner life’. The temptation of course is to seek distraction, but why not take the opportunity to learn to truly enjoy your own company?


Topical Exchange

Those of you who have been to our breakfasts and other gatherings will know the value of the generative dialogue that occurs when a safe and creative space is held for peers to share their wisdom. That is what we will be curating on the topical exchanges. The upcoming conversation "The need for resilience"...

Everyone is talking about resilience it seems.  THe dictionary defines resilience as:

- the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened:

- the ability of a substance to return to its usual shape after being bent, stretched or pressed:

Is this what we mean now?

Furthermore, is there a danger of talking ourselves as society into a state of super anxiety about our lack of resilience, the more we speak to this or is it so very real?

What would be/could be simple or better ways to address this with 'everyman' to avoid spooking him/her?


If you are interested in participating in any of these, please drop us an email and we will send you a regular invite.